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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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breaking news this wednesday night. pushing for a military assault. the president now calling for limited ground combat operations to destroy isis. american troops on the ground. the air strikes, he says are not enough. martha raddatz in the region tonight. the american sniper trial, now under way. the emotional testimony from chris kyle's wife. the fbi moving in at this hour. a possible hate crime. three muslim college students killed in their home in chapel hill north carolina. the big change when it comes to cholesterol. doctors say some of those foods, you can eat after all. dr. besser right here with the list. and stripped of their title. the little leaguers heartbroken tonight. authorities say the adults are to blame.
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good evening. and as we come on the air tonight, the president has now asked congress for military authorization, a limited combat operation, involving american troops on the ground against isis. late today, president obama making his case why the air strikes so far won't work on their own. outrage tonight from some members of congress. it comes after we learned the fate of that final american hostage, kayla mueller, who was killed. some believe she had been married off to an isis commander. tonight, we hear about the phone call explaining to the families why the u.s. does not pay ransom. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in the region, reporting in from iran tonight. >> reporter: as coalition air strikes pound isis targets across syria and iraq more than 2,300 so far, tonight, president obama says it's not enough. >> with vile groups like this there is only one option. >> reporter: the president is asking congress to authorize a three-year military assault on isis including limited ground
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combat operations. that could mean placing some special ops troops alongside frontline iraqi forces. but obama is ruling out another long-term american ground war. >> it's not in our national security interest. >> reporter: the president's call coming as the u.s. reels over the death of kayla mueller. obama himself revealing how excrutiating it was telling her parents he would not give in to her captor's demands. >> it's as tough as anything that i do. >> reporter: now, an unlikely ally is stepping up its own anti-isis campaign. iran. and we are on the ground, as the country's leader sends a strong message -- the u.s. can't defeat isis without iran's help. still, an anniversary rally today shows anti-american sentiment. what this celebration is really all about, why all these people have come together is the perception of victory over the
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u.s. over western influence. which is why all around me are shouts of "death to america." but they are anti-isis, too. or daesh as it's called here. >> we don't like them. >> reporter: we don't, either. iran's president even told the massive crowd today that his nation is key in the fight against terror. the u.s. says there is no coordination between the nations, fighting this common enemy. david. >> reporter: reality check. >> mar than raddatz, thank you. let's get right to jonathan karl. how likely is it that congress will support the president now? >> reporter: well david, this is going to be a tough sell a very tough sell for the president. the problem is you have many democrats who fear that this resolution could open the door to a big escalation of the war against isis involving many more american troops. on the other hand you have remembers who say that this resolution does not go far enough. they will resist any effort to limit the president's military
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options. and, david, i've got to tell you. i've been talking to sources in congress who tell us it's going to take time if this resolution passes it will be months before it does. >> jon karl live at the white house. jon, thank you. now, to that blunt and alarming warning from a top fbi official when it comes to possible terror here in the homeland. telling congress that isis is quote, dangerously competent. saying the fight from foreign fighters who have trained and returned is not even close to being under control. pierre thomas is live in washington tonight. pierre? >> reporter: david, it's a clear and present danger and it's rare for fbi officials to talk in such stark terms. but there are so many radicals who have gone to syria, who could then try to come to the u.s. the fbi simply can't keep up. and top u.s. intelligence officials are equally concerned that isis is using social media, includes facebook youtube and twitter in a way that no organization has done before. giving them direct access to the u.s. there have been 250 online
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publications from isis just since last month. and al qaeda is active online, too. as a result authorities believe there are hundreds of radicals inspired online who can attack right here at home on short notice. david? >> pierre thomas tonight. pierre thank you. and we do have one more note from overseas from yemen. tonight, the american embassy now closed. the ambassador and u.s. workers evacuated. the french and british embassies closed as well. rebels have seized control of the capital. the state department warning of an uncertain security situation on the ground there. back here at home tonight, and to the american sniper trial, now under way in texas. the first witness, chris kyle's widow. breaking down on the stand. and the last 24 hours, these images surfacing of the man accused during his time in iraq. almost unrecognizable in court today. and tonight, we have now learned of a text message chris kyle sent before he was killed signaling something was wrong. abc's ryan owens in texas. >> reporter: taya kyle the first witness in a texas
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courtroom this morning, telling her story to the 12 people who matter most. >> babe come home okay? >> reporter: millions already know what this widow has endured, thanks to sienna miller's performance in the blockbuster, "american sniper." from the stand, taya's kyle's grief is all too well. she breaks down trying to answer. chris kyle she whispers. the judge will not allow audio from witnesses to be broadcast, but you don't need to hear her to see her pain. clutching dog tags in her hand she tearfully walks the jury of ten women and two men through family pictures. she recounts that day two years ago when she last saw her husband. just before he and his best friend chad littlefield took eddie routh to the gun range where he killed them both. we said we loved each other and gave each other a kiss and hug, like we always did. routh keeps his head down throughout. in previous interviews kyle says she doesn't buy his defense that ptsd made him kill.
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>> somebody taking the lives of two people who were there to help them -- that's not ptsd in my opinion. >> reporter: defense attorneys told jurors, routh was insane. >> the doctors give him a diagnosis of psychosis. >> reporter: they even revealed a text message kyle sent to littlefield, sitting next to him, as the three drove to the gun range. "this dude is straight up nuts," it said. littlefield responded, "watch my six." military slang for watch my back. as taya kyle left the stand this afternoon, she hugged the next witness. chad littlefield's mother. who told the jury today is her son's birthday. he would have been 38. emotions running high well after those two women left the stand. prosecutors are detailing the brutality of this crime, each man shot in the head and several times in the back. a very difficult day in court. david? >> ryan owens tonight. ryan thank you. the fbi now joining the investigation in chapel hill north carolina tonight, as
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authorities ask, was it a hate crime? three young family members, all muslim gunned down in a quiet neighborhood near the iconic campus of unc. there was early word it began after a dispute over a parking space, but investigators now believe it could have been something more. abc's tom llamas in north carolina. >> i heard about eight shots go off in an apartment. about three girls or -- more than one girl screaming. >> reporter: this chilling 911 call describes the moments 46-year-old craig stephen hicks allegedly shot and killed three muslim college students last night. deah and yusor barakat -- newlyweds. and yusor's sister raza abu salhat the family saying they were shot execution style. >> she told me he hates us and how we dress. >> reporter: hicks, appearing in court today, charged with three counts of first degree murder. police say he turned himself in hours after killing his chapel hill neighbors.
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hicks' wife saying he snapped over a parking situation at their apartment complex. >> this incident had nothing to do with religion or victims' faith. >> reporter: but hicks openly posted on facebook his disdain for organized religion. investigators say while this shooting was an isolated incident, they are investigating it as a possible hate crime. deah and yusor barakat had just married in december. both looking to become dentists, >> i'm a dental student at unc. >> reporter: working to provide dental care to the less fortunate here and in the middle east. >> i'm angry. we have done nothing but be model american citizens. >> reporter: there's a vigil under way here tonight at unc chapel hill where diaw was a student. many students here asking the same question tonight -- why? the accused killer craig stephen hicks, has yet to enter a plea. david? >> tom llamas tonight. tom, thank you. now, to the weather. it's hard to believe but yet another storm moving across the country, and bitter cold from the midwest straight into the northeast again.
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schools back ohm inpen in boston today, but look at the walk to work. and a sign that just about sums it up tonight. free snow unwanted gift they write there. here's what's coming. whiteout conditions in minnesota. tough driving in the last 24 hours. let's get right back to ginger zee who has the track of this clipper. >> reporter: thursday and friday in the northeast. and that's the place that we're really watching. remember boston just saying please no more. and, there won't be a lot more. it's one to three inches. most importantly, though it's going to be the winds and the introduction of bitter chill. i'm talking, david, some of the coldest air that we've seen all season for a lot of places. actual temperature, sub-freezing for tallahassee, all the way up to the northeast. you put the wind on, it feels like 23 below in minneapolis. friday morning, 0, washington, d.c. 7 below, new york city. we could approach some of the coldest in 20 years in some places. and while we do this i have to check in on the west. above normal high wind warning
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warnings gusts up to 60. >> ginger see tonight. and from the dangerous driving in parts of this country to that doomed cruise ship overseas and this evening, a guilty verdict for the captain of the costa conncordia. this is the ship tonight. our crew in italy there for the sentencing. you can barely make out the name on the ship. tonight, the captain found guiltile of manslaughter sentenced to 16 years in prison for the wreck that cost 32 people their lives. you'll remember the captain, one of the first to abandon ship. back here at home and to that headline today. the little leaguers stripped of their title. the national champ, jackie robinson west from chicago's south side. well tonight, authorities say those young players are now paying the price for what the coaches and some of their parents did. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: chicago wins the united states championship! last summer jackie robinson west captured the hearts of a nation. underdogs who shocked little league baseball by winning the american title.
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but tonight -- >> we work hard all year long we weren't involved in anything that could have caused us to be stripped of our championship. >> reporter: those kids heartbroken. stripped of their title with adults to blame. little league international finding adults stacked their lineup with all-star ringers from other little league districts. creating a super team in violation of little league rule us. come. >> fergie: one of chicago's toughest neighborhoods, the team's improbable run to the american title gained them legions of fans. major leaguers footed their parents bill to fly to the world championship game. and after losing to south korea in the little league world series a hero's welcome in chicago. a trip to the world series. and a date with the president. >> all right, everybody look up and say cheese. >> reporter: who is standing by the kids. >> dirty dealing by some adults doesn't take anything away from the accomplishments of those young men. >> reporter: and those kids facing a tough loss. >> we know that we're champions, our parents know we're champions and the teams parents know we're
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champions and chicago knolls we're champions. >> the team's manager has been suspended and anned a min ed a minadministrator involved in the situation has been removed. but so many are standing by the kids. it's going to continue to give to a college scholarship awarded to a deserving member of the team. >> rib, thank you. and we reported last night here on that major development on cholesterol. and new guidelines expected to be modified. they could be modified dramatically. some of the foods we've been told to steer clear of we can now eat. abc's dr. richard besser is here. you've been talking to viewers, and so many have been asking do we still need to have our cholesterol checked as often? >> reporter: we do. what we've learned is that cholesterol in our blood, most of it doesn't come from food. our body makes it on our own. >> what can we eat now? >> reporter: the good news. we can have more eggs more shell fish like shrimp and lobster. you still have to be careful about foods that are high in saturated fats. go slow on read meat pork and
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full fat dairy. >> rich besser thank you. now, to the giant lines forming in many parts of the country tonight. the fifth biggest jackpot in u.s. history. a half a billion and counting. abc's nick watt where they're driving across state lines to buy a ticket. >> reporter: dogs, babies, parasols, chairs. the line here in primm is long. so you drove out from vegas to do this? >> yeah. >> reporter: most of these people did. 40 miles each way for a chance at the jackpot. >> 40 miles for $450 million is okay for me. >> reporter: odds of you wink are 175 million to 1. >> right, okay yeah. >> reporter: still feeling confident? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: today, people lining up around the country. powerball says 75,000 tickets sold every minute. the reason it's so busy here in primm today is that you cannot buy powerball tickets in nevada. that's nevada. this is california. lotto store.
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>> this is my first time. >> reporter: why now? >> because my granddaughter doesn't have to be picked up until 5:00. >> reporter: this is the third biggest powerball of all time. biggest was $590 million, won by an 86-year-old lady in florida in 2013. we timed lamar all the way. one hour, five minutes. if no one wins tonight, it another rollover. nick watt abc news primm valley. >> nick watt there on the state line tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the major american retailer paying a hefty fine tonight. charging more at the checkout than the price on the shelf. invest gators say it's happening more than you think. our report coming up. the wild police chase coming in late today. this one is different. watch the car smash into the others. and the woman in the mini van out to catch the suspect. and as we come on tonight, the rocket that just took off. the destination? and the big plan. when we come back. don't go away. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with new fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus.
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costly mistake. allegedly charging you more at the checkout than what it said on the shelf. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: target, the retailer known for its trademark bullseye, now agreeing to pay nearly $4 million after being accused of false advertising. california prosecutors sued the country's second-largest discount retailer, alleging it sometimes charged higher prices at checkout than on the sticker prices on the shelves. >> you can't expect the consumer to have to come in with a magnifying glass to see a little expiration date on the price sign. >> reporter: target telling a bbc news "the primary sources of the pricing errors were promotional signs that were not removed immediately after the promotion ended. and we've taken steps to fix the problem." >> consumers should be able to pay the advertised price when they see an item, and if they pay more, they need to complain and get back the difference. >> reporter: this is happening all over the country. last year, cvs, walgreens and walmart all paid up after north carolina department of agriculture and consumer
6:49 pm
services inspectors found scanner errors. that same year, wisconsin reported that walgreens paid nearly $30,000 after a statewide inspection found what was rung up at the cash registers at their stores was not always the same as advertised. a true case of buyer beware. we were assured today that at most stores including target the checkout person has the power to give you that sale price you saw on the shelf. you just have to ask for it david. be vigilant. >> hold them too it. thank you. when we come back here tonight, a college basketball legend remembered. plus this chase late today. the crash. and then you've got to see the woman in the mini van, leading the charge to catch the suspect. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role
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topping the index, remembering a basketball legend. jerry tarkanian, the towel-chew towel-chewing tark the shark. more than 700 wins. he was 84. a dramatic end to a high speed chase in dallas today. take a look. the white car being chased by police here.
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slamming into two vehicles at a red light. the mother driving a mini van in front, and another passenger jumping out, wrestfuling with the suspect, fighting him toll the ground until police could get there. her teenage son treated for injuries tonight, but the bottom line don't mess with mom. we have liftoff tonight. space-x launching its unmanned rocket late today. provide continuous views of the earth. when we come back on a wednesday night, the big announcement from jon stewart, and the first thing on his list. ♪ bring your vision for the future to life. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been helping families achieve life-long financial security with innovative tools and strategies. talk to a financial advisor to protect
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tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles . i'm a believer! it's hard to imagine late night without him. also hard to believe he's been at it for 17 years. jon stewart, revealing at least one thing he'll do next. >> february 10th, 2015. >> reporter: 17 years after he started, last night, jon stewart began like any other night. >> we got us a program tonight. >> reporter: ready to call out the hypocrisy with hilarity. it's hard to remember "the daily show" before him.
6:57 pm
he grew up in new jersey jonathan stewart, his mother a teacher. parents divorcing at 9. everywhere today, his greatest hits. the presidents. >> they're not real sexy issues. not the kinds of things -- >> you don't know what i find sexy. >> let me put it this way. i saw you flash -- >> yeah. >> i know what you've been reading. >> reporter: he's done far more than make us laugh. there was his return in the weeks after september 11th. >> a lot of folks have asked me what are you going to do when you get back? geez, what a terrible thing. to have to do. and i don't see it as a burden at all. i -- i see it at a privilege and and -- i see it at a privilege. >> reporter: from 9/11 to presidential elections. >> aptly decided indecision 2000. >> reporter: building his team. stephen colbert.
6:58 pm
john oliver. and giving a greater voice. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. it's an honor for me. >> it is an honor for us. i know me. >> reporter: and last night, he waited until the end, saying he has no plan just some ideas, and for him, a well-earned moment of zen. >> i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family who, i have heard, from multiple sources, are lovely people. >> we're going to miss him. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. until then i'm david muir. have a good evening. good night.
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